soft landing

‘I’m interested in that aspect of photography that has the potential to suggest both the existence and the mystery of other, perhaps imaginary, times and places as well as to create the desire to be there..  In this respect I suppose my photographs have something in common with both advertising and the science-fiction genre.’

“Wasow’s  product, in fact, is as alluring as the commodities of advertising fictions; the deliberate opacity of the images’ original forms combined with their small scale make them seem at once irretrievably distant and disconcertingly proximate, producing oscillating sensations of familiarity and alienation in the viewer. As constructs of both fact and fiction, they are prime exponents of the world we now inhabit, a place where the real and the imaginary are interchangeable.”

-- Rosetta Brooks, “Oliver Wasow, ‘Is it Real, What is it?’, Artnews Magazine, Feb., 1988